To Infinity And Beyond!: Surprise 2-Liter Soda Bottle Rocket

October 15, 2019

Note: Language, and loud.

This is a super short video from a group of bros with complete disregard for anyone's car hanging around a dorm room window and tossing a 2-liter soda bottle out to the parking lot below. I'm not sure if they were hoping it would explode or what, but it takes a bounce before lifting off like a rocket. Man, it's weird to think this is hands-down the best thing that's going to happen to them all semester. Now go pick that bottle up before the Planeteers come fly that solar-powered jet of theirs up all your asses.

Keep going for the video. Also, listening to it at 1/4 speed is funny, particularly the first two guys (it sounds like the beginning of a adult video!).

Thanks to hairless, who agrees this is not how you pass Captain Planet's environmental studies course.

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