That's Cool: Creature Clutches, Clutch Bags With Eyeballs And Teeth

October 15, 2019


These are some examples of the Creature Clutches handmade by Breanne Cremean (aka The Geeky Seamstress, aka The Geekstress) and available through her Etsy shop. Prices range from $65 - $80 depending on the style, and make the perfect accessory for toting around your smaller potion and spell ingredients. "You think I'm a witch?" You aren't? I just thought because of well, you know... "My nose?!" Well it wasn't the lack of a bubbling cauldron, I'll tell you that.

Keep going for a handful more shots of the different styles.







Thanks to Dave L, who informed me he wants one with a googly eye. OMG, perfection!

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