That's A Lot Of Hair: Addams Family Cousin Itt Costume

October 1, 2019


To cash in on the new animated Addams Family movie coming out (not that a new movie needs to come out for the Addams Family to forever remain relevant in my mind), this is the Addams Family Cousin Itt adult sized costume available from, which could probably also double as a bigfoot or ZZ Top costume. It costs $100 and includes a full body tunic covered "with multiple tiers of synthetic hair", a bowler style hat with attached hair to cover your head and face, and sunglasses. Now the product description didn't explicitly state it, but I assume this is a SEXY Cousin Itt costume. "Oh, no question." I knew I couldn't be the only one who collects the hair in the bottom of their bathtub. "Um, what?" Oh wait, you were joking. Well what if I told you I'm crafting a voodoo doll? "That wouldn't explain the underwear made out of hair." No...I suppose it wouldn't, would it?

Thanks to Angela P, for inspiring me to finally realize my dream of being Raul Julia's Gomez Addams for Halloween this year.

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