Star Wars Everything: The Star Wars x Le Creuset Cookware Collection

October 7, 2019


This is a short video introduction to Le Creuset's Star Wars cookware collection, including $30 R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8 mini cocottes (small Dutch ovens), $20 Death Star and Millennium Falcon trivets, a $25 Porg pie bird, a $395 Darth Vader Dutch oven, and a $450 Han Solo in Carbonite roaster. They also made nine very beautiful hand painted Tattooine double sun inspired Dutch ovens, but they're only selling four in the United States, they cost $900, and you have to win the chance to purchase one by entering your email address HERE. I just entered all six of my email addresses with the hopes of getting the opportunity to buy one, then selling it for like $10,000 to some rich nerd. I mean can you even call yourself a real Star Wars fan without a 1 of 9 limited edition Tattooine Dutch oven? Because a truly hardcore fan would buy all nine so nobody else can have one at all, then destroy eight.

Keep going for a video of everything.

Thanks to Mark L.V., Chris, and K Diddie, who agrees if your whole kitchen isn't Star Wars themed, what are you even doing with your adult life?

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