Sonic The Hedgehog Gets A Redesign For Upcoming Movie, Standee Example

October 29, 2019


So after the internet crapped its collective pants over Sonic's original design for the movie (honestly, I thought we were all just joking and didn't care), the studio has redesigned the character, and this is the result in movie theater standee form (also a leaked shot after the jump). So...yeah, now it's Sonic The Stuffed Animal. Also, I like how the person who took this photo decided to take it from all the way down the hall like Sonic might leap out of the display and run them over if they get too close. *shrug* I suppose better safe than sorry.

Keep going for one more shot of Sonic The Stuffed Hedgehog, which will be out in theaters Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2020, and presumable streaming four weeks later.


Thanks again to hairless, who's presumably also quillless.

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