Well That's Unlucky: Runaway Truck Tire Hits Same Moped Rider Twice

October 1, 2019


This is a video of computer screen (my favorite) playing some security cam footage from a roadway tunnel in Ningbo, China of a moped rider who gets laid out by a runaway truck tire. Then, a full thirty seconds later after he's already gotten back up and brushed himself off, the tire returns for another hit! What are the chances? I guess it really is true what they say -- some people don't have any of the luck. Take me for example, I thought I was feeling lucky this morning so I bought a $20 lotto scratcher to scratch with my morning coffee when I got to work. "Let me guess -- it was a loser." Wouldn't know, must have slipped out my pocket when I was getting hit by that bus.

Keep going for the video while I try to sell this story to a movie studio as a horror flick. "The Wheels On The Bus Go Kill Kill Kill." Wow. You know what, you pitch it, you deserve that money.

Thanks to Jonathan, who agrees this guy should just be thankful the tire returned to finish the job instead of the truck it was previously attached to.

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