Rare Pokemon Card Sells For A Staggering $195,000 At Auction

October 28, 2019


A single Pokemon card sold at auction last week in New York for $195,000. The card, a rare 'Illustrator' given away to only 39 contest winners in Japan in 1997 and 1998, features Pikachu on the front drawn by his creator Atsuko Nishida, and is the only card with a paintbrush icon in its lower right. It's believed only 10 of the cards remain today, and anybody who once had one and didn't hang on to it is probably kicking themselves right now. I would be. Heck, I'm kicking myself right now and I don't even know what a Pokemon Illustrator card is. "But you wrote about another up for sale in 2013." Pfft, that doesn't mean anything.

Thanks to Joshua S, who agrees if you've got $195,000 to casually spend on a Pokemon card, you've officially made it. "Made what exactly?" My people to con list.

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