Rare Footage Of Humpback Whales Creating Bubble Nets To Capture Prey

October 16, 2019

This is a fascinating video (including drone footage, as well as footage from cameras suction cupped to the actual animals) of a group of humpback whales swimming in spirals underwater while releasing bubbles to form tubular bubble nets and trap prey inside, which they then gather in their giant mouths by swimming up through the column. And speaking of giant mouths *peers over cubicle wall to make sure nobody is listening* me. I'm a gossiper. Plus if there's nothing juicy going around the office I just make stuff up and say I overheard it in the bathroom while I was straining on the toilet, which makes it that much more believable.

Keep going for the *putting on cool guy snorkeling mask* whale of a good time.

Thanks to DT, who agrees if whales had human bodies, they'd almost certainly be ruling the planet.

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