Preacher Casually Scrolls Through Phone While Speaking In Tongues

October 8, 2019


This is a worthwhile video of evangelist Perry Stone warming up with some repetitious religious phrases, then proceeding to speak in tongues (Glossolalia) and moan while casually scrolling through his phone for a full minute during a recorded broadcast at the Omega Center International in Cleveland, Tennessee. That was definitely some pretty wild Holy Spirit action. I liked the guy with the giant cross/battle axe tattoo on his forearm wiping down the table. Also, what's up with that olive oil -- does he drink that straight? Now I hate to jump to conclusions, but I bet you anything he was just reading Geekologie comments out loud.

Keep going for two versions of the video in case one doesn't work (the real phone use starts around 0:30) while I insist I can speak in Parseltongue even though I'm a Ravenclaw.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees don't be jealous because you don't have the Holy Spirit in you.

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