Oh Wow: Disney Releases A 3 Hour 18 Minute Supercut Of Everything Coming To Its Streaming Service

October 16, 2019


This is an almost 3 hour 18 minute supercut of all the movie and TV series titles ("basically everything") that will be available through the Disney+ streaming service in the US when it's rolled out on November 12th. I'd be lying if I told you I watched the whole thing. Or even a tenth of it. Or a hundredth. As a matter of fact I didn't watch any of it, and it could just be a bootleg of Fast And Furious 6 filmed in the theater for all I know.

Keep going for the video while my girlfriend sees the post and texts me excitedly to ask if I'll buy the service for her as an early Christmas present. I'll agree, then forget to and get docked major boyfriend points.

Thanks to Karen H, who agrees just when you thought you already had enough media to watch.

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