NASA Unveils Two New Spacesuits For 2024 Mission To The Moon

October 17, 2019

This is a video from NASA unveiling their two new spacesuit designs for the Artemis program, with the goal of landing "the first woman and the next man" on the moon (specifically the lunar south pole) by 2024. Was I chosen for the mission? No, but I do plan on stowing away and establishing my own lunar pirate colony anyways.

The orange suit is the Orion Crew Survival System suit, also commonly called a flight suit or a launch and entry suit. New features include a helmet that comes in more than one size, and suits that are custom fit. The color is intended to make astronauts easy to spot if they end up in the ocean, and the suit itself includes a "suite of survival gear":

Even though it's primarily designed for launch and reentry, the Orion suit can keep astronauts alive if Orion were to lose cabin pressure during the journey out to the Moon, while adjusting orbits in Gateway, or on the way back home. Astronauts could survive inside the suit for up to six days as they make their way back to Earth. The suits are also equipped with a suite of survival gear in the event they have to exit Orion after splashdown before recovery personnel arrive. Each suit will carry its own life preserver that contains a personal locator beacon, a rescue knife, and a signaling kit with a mirror, strobe light, flashlight, whistle, and light sticks.

The white suit is the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit or xEMU. The xEMU provides dramatically superior range of movement to the suits worn on previous missions.

Whatever works, I'm just happy we're returning to the moon. It's been 47 years since the last human stepped foot on its surface. Do you think it'll greet us like an old friend, or be resentful we haven't come to visit in so long? "Neither, it's a giant rock." It's cheese you dumbass.

Keep going for the video while I start making preparations.

Thanks again to Joselyn, who agrees space is the only future humanity has left, and that's a cold hard fact.

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