My Aunt Is Going To Love This: The Before & After 5 Reversible Coffee Mug And Wine Glass

October 3, 2019


This is the $18 Before & After 5 Reversible Coffee & Wine Glass created by BigMouth Inc and available on Amazon. I guess before five you're supposed to drink coffee out of the mug portion, and after five wine out of the glass side, but why live your life by such strict rules? I say go with the flow, and drink whatever you're feeling, whenever you're feeling. "Says the guy drinking a margarita out of a pineapple at 10AM." IT'S A DAIQUIRI. You don't drink margaritas out of pineapples.
That's what *produces already filled boot shaped glass from desk drawer* this is for.

Keep going for a closeup.


Thanks to Mary G, who agrees just make sure to wash out the side of the glass that's going to be facing down or it's always going to be dirty shirt o'clock.

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