Man BASE Jumps Off Antennae Tower Into Foggy Oblivion

October 8, 2019


This is a video of a base jumper climbing then leaping off the top of an antennae tower during very heavy fog one morning. A transcription of the jump, but read it all in a partial cartoon voice for realism:

3...2...1...send it!

*jumps, opens parachute, grabs handles*
Woowoo, yeah!
Haha, that was f***ing awesome.
*crashes into corn plants during landing*
Corn field landing!
Guys, that was f***ing awesome.
I'm lucky I got that turn in when I did or I would have landed deeper in the cornfield.
Haha, yes! Hehehe.
*stuffing parachute in back of car, unbuckling, breathing heavy*
Alright, time to get the hell out of Dodge.

Obviously, I was really hoping for that landing deeper in the cornfield, then a bunch of running around in circles unable to find his way out while police arrived, but *shrug* I guess Santa felt I haven't been very good this year. I'm gonna be really good next year though so I can get a Playstation 5 for Christmas. *fast forward to mid-January, already deep on Santa's naughty list* Plan B: we'll rob a store on Black Friday.

Keep going for the video, actual jump begins at 2:15.

Thanks again to hairless, who informed me he was really hoping an eagle would try mating with him mid-jump. Well apparently you weren't that good this year either.

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