Man Attempts World's Furthest Mountain Bike Jump Off A Ski Ramp, Crashes

October 23, 2019

This is a video of cyclist Johannes Fischbach attempting a world record mountain bike jump off a 125-meter ski jump and crashing on the landing. Some background about his quest for glory while I chug the rest of my beer, crush the can in my hand, and tell him he should have kept his nose up:

I've been haunting a special idea for several years now: To make the world's longest jump with a MTB, i.e. a world record ! Some years ago Fischi already made test jumps from an 85 meter ski jump and reached a distance of 50 meters. The goal now was to max it out. Fischi's objective: "If I can jump 50 metres from your 85-metre ski jump, then the 140-metre ski jump has to go a lot further!

If you're interested in the project, there's a much longer behind-the-scenes video about the dream jump that's like thirty minutes long but come on, you only came here for the crash and probably didn't even watch the whole video with the different angles, just the gif and aren't even reading this right now so kiss my ass, I poisoned your dinner.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees eternal glory doesn't come without its fair share of failures. Those are just the gods of glory testing your resolve.

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