Ahahahaha: Woman Drives Over And Drags Parking Curb

October 4, 2019

Note: Some colorful language from the guy filming.

This is a video of a woman who, leaving her parking spot, proceeded to drive over the parking curb instead of backing out and pulls it along with her, trapped in front of the rear tires. She then gets out to evaluate the situation, tries to pull it out by hand and fails, then gets back in and continues dragging it. Maybe try reversing over it at top speed? Or just do what I would have done and set your car on fire and claim it was torched by Libyan terrorists for taking their uranium and giving them a fake nuke full of used pinball machine parts. "Like in Back To The Future." I'm just saying, Farmers would cover it.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees sometimes you've just gotta take that parking curb home with you.

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