Kaboom!: Dropping Cans Of Food In Boiling Hot Oil

October 30, 2019

This is a video from the living-the-dream couple behind the Beyond The Press Youtube channel of food cans being dropped into a pot of boiling hot oil to see how they'll react. UNSURPRISING SPOILER: Explosively. In their own words while I see what happens when I stuff a food can in the disposal, flip the switch, and leave the break room:

Don't ever put anything that contains water on grease fire! This video is done to inform about the dangers of doing that

On this video we demonstrate why you shouldn't drop canned food or any other water containers to deep fryer. Don't try this at home! We are professionals and took care that everything was done in a safe way.

So yeah, don't put water on a grease fire. Although I feel like if you haven't learned that by now then you're probably dead as the result of a grease fire. Speaking of -- one time a grease fire started in my old apartment, but I didn't panic. You know why? "You started it." *furiously rattling jail cell door* IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Keep going for the whole video, best explosion at 6:15 followed by replays.

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees always fight fire with fire. Fight rock with paper though.

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