Jump-Scare Halloween Decorations Almost Give Amazon Delivery Man Heart Attack

October 31, 2019


This is a short home security cam video of a motion-activated spider Halloween decoration almost sending an Amazon delivery man to an early grave. The creepy clown laughing about it afterward makes it that much worse. Now I'm not saying if I were that man I'd return to deliver a little fire to that porch, but-- *phone rings, caller ID: 'POLICE'* That's exactly what I"m saying, I'd never do that under any circumstances. Fire is a no-no, kids, stay in school. *phone stops ringing* Oh thank God.

Keep going for the full video with audio, complete with guy taking the 'picture of delivered package' from 20 feet away. I don't blame him.

Thanks to Alicia, who agrees on Halloween night, sure. But on a Monday at 10AM? That's cold.

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