I Am Into This: Space Shuttle Launch Lamps With Illuminated Exhaust Clouds

October 15, 2019


These are the 3-D printed Space Shuttle Lamps available from the SpaceXFanstore (among other places, possible for cheaper, do your research). The lamp is available in slanted trajectory and straight-up varieties, and in 21-centimeter (8-inch, $37) or 28-centimeter (11-inch, $54) sizes, and are powered via a USB rechargeable battery, so a cord doesn't get in the way of you and your space dreams. Plus, based on their shape, I'd imagine they'd make pretty dece-- "They're not sex toys." Well not with that attitude they're not.

Keep going for a few more shots.




Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees space dreams are the best dreams. I mean, besides a dream come true, unless it's a nightmare, then that's no bueno.

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