Home's Over The Top Halloween Light And Music Show Choreographed To The Ghostbusters Theme

October 22, 2019

Because someone has to let the rest of the neighborhood know they take Halloween way more serious than they do, these are several videos of the choreographed Halloween light and music shows set up by Tom BetGeorge (previously) of Magical Light Shows this year. The first is the Ghostbusters theme song, the second is System Of A Down's 'Chop Suey', and the last is 'Bangarang' by Skrillex. If you want to feel like your brain is melting, definitely watch that last one. If you want to feel like your heart is melting, just look this way while I wink seductively.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees there's nothing wrong with a couple tastefully carved pumpkins.

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