Finally, An Electric Carving Knife That Looks Like A Little Chainsaw

October 30, 2019


This is the $60 Mighty Carver, an electric carving knife that looks like a little chainsaw. It has a removable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel blade and works just like a regular electric carving knife, it just looks like a chainsaw. Is it worth $60? Depends on how much you value blowing all your friends' and families' minds at Thanksgiving. "Whoa, Uncle Barry is that a chainsaw?!" "Cool!" "How much money did you waste on that thing, son?" "Cut the damn bird already." "I swear, people and their kitchen gadgets these days." "Right? Did you see all the Star Wars appliances in there?" "Can you get the dog out of here? It's licking my leg." "Where are my glasses?" "Dammit, this country is in the crapper, and it's people like you, who--" *all hell breaks loose, culminating in a backyard brawl* Ah, holidays.

Keep going for a handful more shots (including some hot citrus and bread action) and a short video while I complain it doesn't have a string pull-start with sound effects.





Thanks to hairless, who agrees if you don't swing onto the dinner table then cut the turkey with a ninja sword and disappear into a cloud of smoke then we're only coming over for leftovers.

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