Finally, A Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair With Detachable Severed Arm

October 2, 2019


Seen here looking like it really needs to lay off all the tauntauns, this is the $150 Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag chair available for pre-order from GameStop. It costs $150 and has a detachable arm. Why? I'm not sure. "Because Luke cut it off in the movie." Oh riiiiiiight. Right right right. Which one was that in again? "The second one."
Oh yeah, The Wrath of Khan, loved it.

Keep going for a few more shots, including two of a woman gaming on the chair for scale.




Thanks to carey and Closet Nerd, who agree if more chairs had detachable arms, emergency rooms would see a lot more bludgeoning injuries on Thanksgiving.

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