Finally, A Decent Absolutely Horrible Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Halloween Mask

October 11, 2019


Because everyone is ultra hyped about the postponed movie, this is the 'Sonic Mask for Adult (Full Head) Blue' available from Cosplay_Rim on Amazon. It's based on Sonic's original appearance in the movie trailer, is made of thick latex, you can't eat or drink while wearing it and will get hot as hell and sweat like a pig, and costs a staggering $49. But can you really put a price on perfection? Man, it looks like something a kid who can't draw drew.

Keep going for several more shots.




Thanks to my dad, who's actually here visiting right now, and today is my mom's birthday. Happy birthday mom! We're gonna go to the mall then out to dinner at a hibachi restaurant. I'm gonna catch a shrimp with my face!

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