Electric Bike Battery Catches Fire, Blazes Up Good While Guy Sprays With Water Hose

October 11, 2019

This is a video of a man's e-bike battery catching fire and blazing up pretty good and popping and crackling as he hits it with a water hose. In his own words while I speculate if standing right beside a giant burning battery while spraying it with water was a safe decision. I bet it smelled good though!:

The battery fire occurred while changing a broken controller. After connecting the battery to the system it caught on fire and was unstoppable. Cooling it down with water was the only option. That's how I kept the damage to a minimum.

Dang, so you just offset all the pollution you were going to prevent by using green transportation. I imagine Captain Planet does applaud your efforts, but is still gonna kick your ass.

Keep going for the video while I also speculate if holding a camera and trying to document the incident didn't affect his ability to efficiently deal with it.

Thanks to Carsten, who agrees at least it didn't happen when he was riding and set his nuts on fire.

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