Dad Builds Human Claw Machine For Daughter's Birthday

October 10, 2019

This is a video demonstration of the human claw machine that a father built in the basement for his daughter's seventh birthday party. Some details while I try to remember my seventh birthday, or if I'm even seven yet:

"I decided to build a human claw machine for my daughter Clara's 7th birthday party. I built this in the basement of our home. One of Clara's favorite things is claw machines so we logically decided to build her the ultimate one. Our friends and family are in the video. The video is of myself running the wireless remote and of Clara being lowered into the prizes. I own and operate Stage Skins which is a stage set design company so I had the resources and creativity needed to successfully complete this project."

Hoho -- a little free advertising in there, I'll allow it. But only if I get a turn as the claw. "Sir, you can't--" *pushing through children* I SAID I CALL NEXT. Also, while I was just looking through old family photos I realized I didn't have a seventh birthday party, my parents just taped a cut-out of my head over my brother's in front of the cake at his. I'm gonna need a minute.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Lyndsey P, who agrees there's no question there were also ponies at this party.

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