Dad Builds Awesome Submarine Themed Baby Crib

October 17, 2019


These are a couple shots of the very impressive submarine crib that Redditor radamshome built after made the suggestion after seeing the giant tree he crafted for his own daughter's bedroom (a couple pics of that too after the jump because it's awesome). You can see pictorials of both builds on Imgur HERE (submarine) and HERE (tree). Radamshome says the submarine took approximately 90 build hours and $1,250 in materials, and he plans on auctioning the crib later this year to benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital. Wow, talented AND generous. These bedrooms, man *opens own bedroom door to reveal mattress on floor surrounded by piles of dirty clothes, shrugs* equal but different.

Keep going for a worthwhile shot of the sub in the dark, a gif of its lights dimming, and a few of the bedroom tree.





Thanks to Joselyn, who agrees everybody deserves the treehouse of their dreams, especially me.

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