Clever: Wall Hangers That Look Like Paper Airplanes Stuck In Wall

October 2, 2019


These are the Paper Airplane Wall Hangers (or hangars? LOL come finish me) created and sold by Artori Design. The look like paper airplanes stuck in the wall, but they're not, they're metal, and they're attached with two screws. Use them to hang whatever you've been waiting to hang from fake paper airplanes in the wall! Unfortunately for those of you looking to add a little LOW COST whimsy to your living space, a pack of three hangers will set you back around $43, and you can buy a LOT of nails for $43. Speaking of -- the people who lived in my place before me, man, so many nail holes. It's like they tried to put a nail every single place that they could, in what I can only assume was an attempt to build the world's largest Plinko board.

Keep going for a handful more shots.




Thanks to Carsten, who agrees after installing one you should totally try to do a pull-up on it to make sure it's sturdy.

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