Chip Fingers: Finger Covers To Prevent Your Digits From Getting Dusted While Snacking

October 2, 2019


These are Chip Fingers, a pack of three washable silicone slip covers (available in red, green, purple and blue for people who actually care what color their finger covers are while they snack) for your fingers so they don't get dusted with all that delicious flavor powder when you're pounding Doritos. Or Cheetos. Man...I can still remember the first time I freaked out because my penis had orange spots on it and I didn't know why.

Keep going for a shot of the packaging. Also, these are not to be worn when eating Bugles. You wear those things like talons or you don't eat them at all.


Thanks to Alan, who agrees if you aren't just pouring the bag directly into your mouth like an animal, are you even living?

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