But Why?: Limited Edition Coca-Cola Flavored Tic Tacs

October 16, 2019


These are the limited edition Coca-Cola flavored Tic Tacs, allegedly made with real Coca-Cola. Is that uh, is that a flavor somebody really wants for a breath mint? Are Tic-Tacs even breath mints? I feel like if you've got a case of the shit breaths, a Tic-Tac isn't gonna cut it.
I've always just treated them like candy and shook an entire container of the orange ones in my mouth at once. You know, like a normal person. I'm pretty sure that's one of the shared human experiences. "I've never done that." THEN YOU HAVEN'T LIVED. Or *inconspicuously prepping tranq dart* maybe you aren't human.

Thanks to Linc, who agrees Tic-Tac should have teamed up with Altoids to make some actual breath mints instead.

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