Beluga Whale Retrieves Dropped GoPro From Seafloor

October 4, 2019


This is a video of Youtuber and kayaker ShibbyTraveler dropping his GoPro in the waters of Hammerfest in northern Norway and Hvaldimir the beluga whale retrieving it for him (he says Hvaldimir stole the camera but that very clearly looked like operator error). As you may recall, Hvaldimir is the beluga whale that was found by Norwegian fisherman wearing a Russian military harness earlier this year. Well apparently he decided to stay in the area and help out with the lost and found. So, if you were still wondering if animals are better than humans, you're slow.

Keep going for the video, and yes, that polluted seafloor is depressing, and yes, Hvaldimir clearly felt his efforts were worth a fish at the end.

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees good boys come in all shapes and sizes.

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