Bar Manager Attempts To Remove Adhesive Bra Stuck To Ceiling

October 14, 2019


This is a short video of a bar manager at the San Francisco based country music restaurant and bar Westwood attempting to remove an adhesive bra stuck to the ceiling. Personally, I'd rather watch the video of how it got up there in the first place. Some details:

things heat up (literally) in the evenings. A customer must have been feeling the heat and removed her sticky bra, and tossed it into the air in frustration. Our GM is 6'4". This was not staged.

Well, based on this man's inability to remove the bra, I'm guessing *putting on cool guy Oakleys with rainbow mirrored lenses* somebody's never made it to second base. "Are you talking about yourself, GW?" The pitcher just keeps hitting me! "So you've at least been to first?" Is that what's supposed to happen? I always just return to the dugout for the free sunflower seeds.

Keep going for the video, complete with a classic double cup stick at the end.

Thanks to Linby, who informed me he wants to know what the proper protocol for removing an adhesive bra is. *shrug* I assumed the same as a band-aid.

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