Awww: Baby Barn Owl Alone In Roost Hears Thunder For The First Time

October 1, 2019

This is a short video from an owl nest cam set up by British wildlife artist Robert Fuller starring a two and a half month old barn owl chick hearing thunder for the very first time while alone in the roost. Would it have made a difference if a parent were home? I don't know, I mean I still get scared even when my parents are home. Usually because I've just started a fire I don't know how to extinguish. "Like an actual fire?" Look at who you're talking to -- do I seem smart enough to be taking about metaphorical fires I've started?

Keep going for the video (with audio) while I wrap my blankie around myself and watch cartoons.

. Thanks to Danby, who agrees somebody bring that poor owl a rat leg, STAT.
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