Artist Sculpts Wicked Witch Of The West Bust Out Of Crayons, Melts With Heat Gun

October 30, 2019

This is a timelapse video of sculptor Steven Richter creating a Wicked Witch Of The West bust out of Crayola crayons, then melting her with a heat gun. It's appropriate because the Wicked Witch melts at the end of the Wizard Of Oz, remember? Not from a heat gun though, that was from whatever Dorothy threw at her. What was that, flying monkey venom or something? "Water." Wait -- water? Like plain old I hate to drink it water? Oh my God -- she faked her own death and everybody bought it! She's probably hanging out in some swamp now growing more powerful by the day.

Keep going for the video, the melting action (including the scenes before and after from the movie) begins around 2:30.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees there's no way a witch so wicked and so of the west would ever be really done in by a pail of water.

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