30 Minutes Or Less: Pizza Delivery Guy Crashes Through Home Gate

October 11, 2019


This is some home security cam footage of a pizza guy who accidentally crashes through a home's driveway gate. The details from the homeowner while I crash through one of my cubicle walls like a boozy Kool-Aid Man. "It's 10AM." It's 10AM on a Friday:

"A Domino's pizza delivery guy crashed through our front gate. He went to put in the gate code, took his foot off the brake and crashed through the gate. He then backed up and almost ripped off his door, made a moaning phone call to tell about the crash, then about two minutes later a torrential downpour came down. Pizza successfully delivered."

Not putting your car in park -- that's a bad habit to have. And he "Made a moaning phone call to tell about the crash?" I only wish I could have heard that audio. Still, the pizza was successfully delivered, that's what matters. Also, I'm surprised somebody with a fancy driveway gate like that is even ordering from Domino's and not having their pizza overnighted from Naples like the normal rich people who live in my mind.

Keep going for the full video while I try to order pizza for lunch with an expired coupon.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees that sucks for everybody involved.

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