Whoa! Insanely Tall Jenga Style Block Tower Falling Domino Maze Style

September 19, 2019

This is a worthwhile timelapse video of a large coliseum and insanely tall tower (possible of Babel) being constructed out of Jenga-like Kapla blocks by three people over the course of two days and 22,00 blocks being destroyed domino maze style. How this could have even possibly been built without accidentally getting knocked over is beyond me, but I suspect it involved making a deal with the devil. And you know how I feel about making deals with the devil. "You tried to sell your soul to him twice." It's like he could see right through the fake mustache!

Keep going for the video (with much more respectable frame rate and the grand finale), as well as the timeless internet classic 'clumsy reporter knocks down Jenga tower' because how could I not?

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees people who have the patience and steady hands to build things like this are an entirely different breed and should probably be studied.

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