Whee!: A Drone Racer Chases A Roller Coaster

September 12, 2019

This is a video from drone racer Viggo Koch, who was given special permission before the Liseberg park opened for the day in Gothenburg, Sweden to chase an empty train on Helix, an almost two-minute long roller coaster that includes speeds up to 100km/h (62MPH), seven inversions, three feelings of weightlessness, and 4.3G's. Man, I wish I got special permission to do things. "Maybe you try asking sometime." I don't know, I'm kinda from the 'it's better to ask forgiveness than permission' school of thought. Take that twenty bucks you let me borrow for example. "You mean that you stole." Exactly.

Keep going for this video, as well as another chase of the park's Valkyria, Europe's longest and tallest dive coaster.

Thanks to Aaron S, who agrees you're never too old to puke funnel cake on a roller coaster.

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