What A Time To Be Alive: Coordinating Themed Human And Cat Hats

September 25, 2019


This is the line of $13 Kitty Cuddle Costumes available from Archie McPhee. Each individual set includes two coordinated hats for playing dress up with your cat, and come in Chicken and Egg, Squirrel and Acorn, Matching Pumpkins, and Role Reversal varieties. The Role Reversal set features a cat hat for you to wear, and a human hat for your cat to wear, so you can pretend they're the human and you're the cat and you aren't both sitting at home on a Friday night wearing funny hats and blurry-eyeing that second bottle of wine.

Keep going for shots of the other varieties.




Thanks to Christina D, who knows what I like, and I like coordinating with my pets.

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