Wetlands, A Short Film Of A Community Of Merpeople In Virginia

September 10, 2019

This is Wetlands, a short film by Persia Beheshti starring a community of merpeople in Virginia that occasionally meet in an indoor swimming pool to splash around and do merpeople things together. Is, uh, is chlorine okay for them? I thought they had to be in saltwater baths like Daryl Hannah in Splash. The film is called a documentary, but I didn't really learn much except I really want in on this merpeople action. This could be my new lifestyle. I think I've tried the barely scraping by thing for long enough, it's time for change. I'm serious *jingling coffee cup in your direction * those tails aren't cheap.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Catherine H, for inspiring me to break out the kiddie pool and get my merman on in the front yard this afternoon, probably while drinking a six pack and trying to get trucks to honk their horns.

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