Welcome Home!: Snake Greets Woman At Door With An Attempted Stike

September 26, 2019

This is some home security cam footage from Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam of a woman who, returning home, gets unpleasantly greeted by a snake, which attempts to strike her. It was a snake sneak attack! Try saying that ten times fast. I'm kidding please don't I already have a headache. Thankfully for her, she has cat-like reflexes and managed to evade the snake's bite. Me? If that snake were venomous I would be dead right now, no questions. I have the reflexes of a-- what are those things called, the things with the crazy eyes? "Potatoes." YES. Bet I'd taste amazing with sour cream and chives though.

Keep going for the full video, but the gif is the real action.

Thanks to DT, who agrees uninvited house guests are the worst.

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