Valuable Information: An Instructable For How To Elongate A Furby

September 4, 2019


If I didn't know what a Furby was I'd swear this was going to be one of those gimmicky natural penis enhancement ads they plaster all over adult sites, not a single one of which actually works. I mean I've heard -- I've never tried them. And why would I? I have so much penis I've already donated penis four times and still have more than enough left over. This is the Instructable created by user Look_I_Made_A_Hat detailing how to elongate a Furby. SPOILER: Sew on a tail of matching material and stuff it. "With what?" CHEESE. Just kidding, and the instructions are actually a bit more complicated than that if you want your caterfurby looking professionally constructed and not something sewn together by Sid in the original Toy Story.

Keep going for a couple more examples, one of which IS brandishing a knife.





Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees never say you can't make something even creepier than it already is.

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