Two Robotic Vacuums Fall In Love In The Middle Of The Night, One Rides On Top Of The Other

September 20, 2019

This is some home security cam footage of two robotic vacuums who, working next to each other in a split-level living room/kitchen for so long but always denying their feelings, decided the product life cycle is too short to live a sexless existence, so one mounts the other and rides it until morning. "Still a better love story than Twilight." I thought Twilight was good. The movies at least. I mean maybe not good enough to get a Twilight tattoo unless you're a crazy person and like the drunkest you've ever been, but-- "Let me see it." My girlfriend made me promise not to show it to anyone.

Keep going the video while I Yelp best ass tattoo cover ups, but the eloping starts at 1:10, followed by the discovery of the two lovebirds the following morning.

Thanks to David K, who agrees this guy appears to own every robotic gadget known to man.

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