The Make Your Co-Workers Hate You Pen, A Pen With Integrated Fingernail Clippers

September 20, 2019


This is the $6 Make Your Co-Workers Hate You Pen available from Perpetual Kid (like Peter Pan). Available in light blue, navy, green, pink, red, or silver exteriors, the pen has integrated fingernail clippers on the non-writing side. Man, hearing somebody cut their nails someplace they shouldn't -- it sends shivers down my spine, like nails on a chalkboard. It's weird how so many terrible sounds are fingernail related. I used to go to this bar down the street from my apartment and one day one of the regulars started cutting his fingernails right at a bar table. Then, I kid you not, he took off his Adidas slides and started doing his toenails too! Notice how I said I used to go to this bar? I moved. I miss that place though, I really do.

Keep going for a couple more products shots because I'm not really sure why, you get the point.



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