The Little Snail That Could: Snail Crosses Gap As Long As It Is

September 4, 2019


This is a video of a snail who clearly lives its life by the motto never give up/anything is possible/always give 110%/maybe there's a snail orgy on the other side of this cliff slowly crossing a gap that's as long as it is. That is impressive. If that had been me I would have just assumed I'd reached the end of the world, shrugged my eye stalks, and thrown myself off in the slowest dive into infinity of all time.

Keep going for the video, but if you're into this you can search Youtube for 'snail crosses gap' for a bunch of other snail crossing gap videos because you better believe when somebody sees a snail about to attempt the impossible, they film it.

Thanks to Melissa H, who agrees trying hard and believing in yourself occasionally does work out.

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