The LifeSaber, A Hand-Cranked Outdoor Multitool With Charger, Light, Siren, UV Water Purifier And Fire Starter

September 16, 2019


From the inventor of the L'il Trucker zombie apocalypse survival tool comes the LifeSaber, another outdoor multitool that combines the functionality of a small generator, flashlight, lantern, SOS beacon, siren, UV water purifier, and plasma fire starter. The unit can be hand-cranked or twirled for power and includes a USB port for charging the device when you do have power, and charging other things when you don't. The basic unit costs $69 (aw yeah!), but it takes $127 to get one with both the snap-on UV water purifier and plasma fire starter, and you're gonna want those. You ever drank untreated toilet water before? "That's disgusting." You calling my dog disgusting? She's a LADY. Like that's her name, but yeah she's a total monster.

Keep going for the Kickstarter video.



Thanks to Marvin W, inventor of the L'il Trucker and LifeSaber, and probably a handy addition to any apocalypse survival team.

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