Spider Breeder Discusses Baby Tarantulas As She Opens An Egg Sac

September 20, 2019


Warning: spiders.

This is a video of a spider breeder discussing the skeleton tarantula (named because the pale markings on its legs look like bones) while opening up the egg sac she nonchalantly stole from a female. Well that doesn't seem very nice. But just look at all those cute little babies. Now imagine them in your hair. Oh my God they're in your hair! *girlfriend punches shoulder* Haha, she hates it when I do that. And pretty much everything else. Why are you even with me? Oh riiiiiiiiiight. Right right right. "What did she say?" Because she's imaginary.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Stephen SW, who agrees everything is cuter when it's a baby, except for some things. "Sooooo..." So I've been drinking, whatever it's Friday afternoon.

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