Space Brews: Stormtrooper Galactic Pale Ale And Lightspeed Pilsner

September 9, 2019


These are the Stormtrooper Galactic Pale Ale and Lightspeed Pilsner beers available exclusively from FireBox. Unfortunately, they cost $32 for an eight pack and FireBox can't ship them to the United States on account of the booze. That's cool, just send me an empty bottle of each. I mean that is the whole purpose of these, right? There's no way this is going to be anybody's favorite beer, people just want the Star Wars bottles to put on display and make their friends jealous. And isn't that what life is all about? "Making your friends jealous?" It's why Instagram was invented, isn't it?

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees the 'No wonder they can't shoot straight' tagline might be the best thing about these cold ones.

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