Screen Worn Return Of The Jedi Darth Vader Helmet Going Up For Auction

September 6, 2019


This is the online auction for one of the Darth Vader helmets screen worn by actor David Prowse in Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi. Now how the hell am I supposed to swap out the helmet for a fake one like I've seen people do with Fabergé eggs in movies if the auction is online only? The helmet's details:

David Prowse "Darth Vader" screen used signature mask and helmet from Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. (TCF, 1980) Without question, Darth Vader is one of the greatest villains ever portrayed on film. His angular, skull-like mask and helmet has been lifted to iconic status and is universally recognized as a symbol of evil in pop culture. Both the mask and helmet are constructed of fiberglass. The Mask is painted in dark metallic gray with black accents; its interior is marked with a "1" in white paint with worn foam rubber padding and tinted plastic lenses. Two of the original three elastic straps are present to secure the mask to David Prowse's head. The top of the mask originally secured to the jet-black helmet with a circular PVC connection (now missing; the three screw holes used to attached the PVC fitting are present). For added security, the mask's forehead attached to the inner portion of the helmet with Velcro (still present on the helmet's interior, but only the adhesive remnants remain on the mask, and remain hidden behind the helmet). The helmet's interior is marked with a "3" in brown paint. Interior metal mesh behind the triangular respiratory vent and "chin grille" are missing, as are the turned aluminum "atmospheric sensors" at either side of the vent. Exhibiting some chipping on lower edges and right "cheek" from production use. Remnants of adhesive used to attach mask to the helmet are still present on the interior. Original Darth Vader helmet/masks are exceedingly rare and considered the "Holy Grail" of science fiction artifacts. $250,000 - $450,000

Damn, it's expected to fetch $250,000 - $450,000? I bet it goes for even more -- there are a lot of rich nerds out there. There are also a lot of poor nerds out there. "You're more of a dork." I wasn't talking about myself. "No?" I mean yes but that really hurt. Regardless, I will find a way to buy or steal this and I will wear it to bed every night, I don't care what my girlfriend says. "I imagine she'll say it's an improvement." My God, are you a shark? Because you're out for blood today.

Keep going for a few more shots of my future Star Wars watching helmet.




Thanks to Damien, who offered to go halvsies. Hey I'm good for maybe 1/1,000thsies provided I just got paid.

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