Scientists Freak Out Over Ghostly Deep-Sea Jellyfish With Resident Isopod Inside

September 24, 2019


This is a video of a rarely seen metal trashcan sized Deepstaria jellyfish putting on a show for the scientists watching the unmanned ROV Hercules's live feed aboard the exploration vessel Nautilus. Aliens: they are among us. And this particular alien happens to have a resident isopod (the red looking blob -- think a giant, salt-water rollie pollie) living inside its bell. Freaky deaky! Make sure to watch the video with the volume on though, because the running commentary from the scientists is, as my mom would say, a real hoot. I only wish I was out there doing some scientific exploring with these folks. And by scientific exploring I mean drinking beer with and watching videos like this one. "No drinking on the job." Listen, I respect how demanding sitting around watching under-the-sea videos must be, but I swear it won't affect my performance.

Keep going for the enchantment under the sea dance.

Thanks again to DT, who agrees if you can live inside a jellyfish, you live inside that jellyfish.

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