Roll For Bludgeoning: A D20 Mace

September 3, 2019


Welcome back! Did you have a have a nice Labor Day weekend? I bet you did. FUN FACT: Until college I thought Labor Day celebrated childbirth. That's true. I've learned so much since then, but mostly just my holidays. This is the salt-water etched D20 mace crafted by Redditor King_Diamond_666, presumably to be wielded by a no-nonsense Dungeon Master. I'm not sure how much it weighs, but probably enough to do some damage. How much damage? Roll to find out. Oh boy, you rolled the handle, I'm afraid that's MAX damage. *picks up mace, begins swinging like a helicopter rotor* Just walk into it whenever you're ready.

Thanks to James RF, who agrees if you don't show up for Dungeons & Dragons night with an actual weapon, how seriously are you even taking the campaign?

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