Real Products That Exist: A Plastic Deer Antler Beer Bong

September 20, 2019


This is the $25 Deer Bong, a plastic 16+ ounce, 5-point deer horn replica to bong beer out of. You just fill the horn, then tilt it back and let the good times roll. Or puke. Also that looks like a pretty small hole to pour beer into, I'm not great at pouring beer (or peeing in empties) when I've already been drinking. This is starting to seem way more complicated than *stabs key in can, shotguns it* WHOOOO! "Was that a Fanta grape soda?" I'm a role model, bro. Still, don't let me stop you from buying one of these for your next Viking themed college party. PROTIP: build a Viking longship and fill it with ice and cold ones. Remember, if you build it he will come. "Erik The Red?!" What? No *peels Fanta label off to reveal Bud Light can* me -- I was talking about me.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a couple videos of all the fun to be had while I speculate if those points are hollow and just how hard this thing is gonna be to keep sanitary.



Thanks to hairless, who agrees there's absolutely nothing wrong with the funnel I bought from Advance Auto Parts on my lunch break.

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