We've Gone Too Far: A Sexy Bob Ross 'Happy Tree Painter' Halloween Costume

September 5, 2019


Because nothing is sacred and sexy Halloween costumes know no limits, this is the 'Happy Tree Painter' costume available from Yandy ($70). It makes you look like a "sexy" Bob Ross. I mean, not that Bob wasn't already sexy because I'll be the first to admit when I watched The Joy Of Painting I got zero painting done. *shivers* Positive attitudes just do something to me. The whole opposites attract thing, you know?

Art is a joy and you can't make any mistakes! Create a landscape masterpiece while wearing this Happy Tree Painter costume featuring a stretch shirt romper with a scoop neck, paint stains, button detail, and a snap crotch opening, stretch denim booty shorts with an adjustable belt, a plush squirrel, a paint pallet clutch, and an afro wig. (Paint brush not included.)

Ahahahaha, they give you a paint pallet clutch and plush squirrel but you have to provide your own paintbrush. That's fine though because I needed to run to the art supply store for another large canvas anyways. I plan on painting a tasteful nude this weekend. "Who would ever pose for you?" *makes eye contact in full-length mirror*

Keep going for a shot of the back, but WARNING: way more cheek than I ever remember Bob showing.


Thanks to Christina D, who agrees Bob's bell bottoms left just the right amount to the imagination already.

Finally, A Decent Bob Ross Happy Little Blanket

This is the $30 Bob Ross Happy Little Blanket available from ThinkGeek (which, despite several readers' firm beliefs, I receive no kickbacks, monetary or otherwise, for posting)....
August 23, 2017
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